I want to thank the people of Florida for the great honor of serving as their next Governor.

In the short time between Election Night and Inauguration Day, my mission is to lay the foundation for an exciting, prosperous era in Florida’s history. First, we are hiring a talented, hard-working team to help turn our state around. Just as I have always done in business, I am building a team of people who are just as committed to our shared goals. I’m looking for energetic, optimistic people who are focused on job creation and ready to look at everything government does with a fresh eye. Our team will be committed to accountability budgeting and devoted to careful management of tax dollars. We will make personnel choices based entirely on integrity and merit, not on politics. If you believe in our 777 Plan and are willing to work extremely hard, let us know you’re interested in serving.

With a great team in place we will set measurable goals to begin implementing our 777 Plan. My 35 years in business taught me the importance of defining and measuring progress. We will put in place measurable outcomes so all Floridians can see our progress. In the coming days, we will also reach out to the Legislature to develop the partnership we need to enact the reduction in property taxes and the elimination of the business tax.

Every single day, I will go job hunting for the people of Florida. Nothing matters more right now than letting every business, every place in the world, know that the state of Florida stands ready to help them succeed right here in Florida.

On Inauguration Day, we will hit the ground running, ready to provide an unprecedented level of service and accountability to the people of Florida.

Let’s Get to Work!!