An Ultimate Guidance to Select a Best Laptop Brand


As technology started evolving, there has been an increasing demand for android devices and services. Due to this, there have being a rising increase in arrival of new brands. To compete the new brands, the existing brands came out with new features and techniques. Therefore, there are various brands present in the field of laptop which creates a confusion on each person’s mind while planning to purchase the right one.  


In this article, you will be guided to select the best laptop brand by demolishing all your confusions and doubts.

Guidance No.1- Size and weight

A laptop is used for our comfortability. So it is necessary to look out the size and weight of the laptop before planning to select the one. Earlier most of the laptops very comparatively heavier and was difficult to travel by carrying on your shoulders. Now, there are various brands present in the market which has introduced small sized and also less weighted laptops which are very comfortable and convenient to carry even for longer trips. So, if you are a person who needs to travel and also carry a laptop for your business purpose then ensure to have a small sized laptop which are less weighted and easy to carry.  

Guidance No.2- Price

Laptops can be carried wherever you wish to i.e, portable and can also enjoy various features which a smartphone cannot provide. So it is quite natural that the price of the laptop is costly depending upon the features and the brands. The best laptop brands are comparatively costly but they are worthful. As mentioned earlier, if you are a person who have to carry laptops wherever you are going then you might be planning to grab a small sized and light weighted lappy. Compared to bigger sized laptops, small lappy are expensive.

Guidance No.3- Memory

The major problem faced by the smartphone is memory issue. We all love to click pictures and explore ourselves. Those clicks are the memories which we never want to lose. But the storage capacity of the mobile phone is limited due to which you are compelled to delete some of the most beautiful and wonderful pictures and videos. In a laptop you need to first ensure about the memory space provided in the laptop. There are various softwares, files and apps which consumes huge memory of the laptop. To use all the softwares safely and place your photos and videos, you need to ensure that it provides you good memory space. Most of the laptops have 6GB-8GB RAM. You can also have some hard drives to secure your documents safely.

Guidance No.4- Battery life

It is not necessary that you may get a plugin or an outlet to charge your laptop whenever it gets finished off. So check out the battery life of the laptop before you plan to purchase. Manufacturers claim that the battery life of a laptop ranges from just a few hours i.e, up to 12 hours or more. So, if you are using your laptop where a plugin is hard to find then you need to reduce the brightness, unnecessary tabs, opening unwanted softwares,etc. so that your battery life can be expanded at least for an hour.  

Guidance No.5- Screen size

The normal range of the laptop screen is about 11 to 17 inches. If you are a person who want a laptop for gaming, watching movies, video editing, viewing documents, etc. then you must need a larger screen laptop so that you can enjoy your work and needs without any adjustments. Working on a bigger screen is amazing but you must also need to understand that a large screen can increase the overall size, weight and power consumption of a laptop. Similarly, if you own a laptop with high resolution then you can enjoy a better picture quality, i.e, you can have a better quality of viewing. A laptop screen is measured in a range of resolutions that is measured in pixels, horizontal and vertical.  There are various resolution available in laptops ranging from 1366×768 to 3840×2160 resolution.


There are different display technologies which produces various colour and brightness levels. There are brands which produces laptops with LED backlighting. It helps to exhibit bright colours without even extracting the battery life. If you need a laptop for viewing movies and shows then it is preferable to select a laptop which contains an IPS panel display that helps to give a wider viewing angles.


We all love to use touch screen mobile phones. There are also laptops which are implemented with touch screen facilities. It is very easy to use for those who are aware to operate a touchscreen mobile phone. Presently, there are many windows laptops and some chromebooks which provide the touch screen facility.

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